Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

Enriching the lives of our residents by providing safe & memorable experiences through people, places, programs and partnerships.

Core Values

We are committed to this set of core values.  These are our highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and core fundamental driving forces.  Adopting these values guides us in a sustaining and thriving parks and recreation system for our community.

  • Integrity

We accomplish our goals by developing and ethical, resilient & committed workforce that can adapt and thrive.

  • Communication

We believe in open, honest, authentic and respectful communication both internally and externally to maximize the quality of the parks and recreation system

  • Continuous Improvement

We believe in innovation to continuously improve our programs, facilities, parks and services

  • Stewardship

We believe in the responsible use and protection of the natural environment through education, conservation, and sustainable practices

  • Teamwork

We value collaboration, inclusiveness, creativity, positivity, risk taking, sharing of resources, and cooperation toward common goals while having fun!