Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is a service provided by the city to ensure property compliance with the Municipal Code.   The position works to address neighborhood concerns such as overgrown grass, debris, and inoperable/junk vehicles.  The Code Enforcement Officer encourages landlords, tenants, and homeowners to maintain their properties. Their efforts reduce blight and enhance the appearance of neighborhoods throughout the city.

The Code Enforcement Officer also serves as an administrative liaison to the Board of Adjustment and Planning and Zoning Commission.   

What does the Code Enforcement Process look like?

When a code violation is known to the City, the Code Enforcement Officer will send a notice to the appropriate parties (landlord, tenant and/or property owner) of the nuisance/violation and will provide a date to have the property come into compliance.  If the nuisance/violation is not abated as directed, the City may choose to pursue further action. 

  1. Hollie Burgus

    Code Enforcement Officer