Street Department

The Street Department is committed to performing the functions of planning, implementation, and management of the City’s infrastructure system of streets to the highest safety and cost-effective standards possible. Snow removal is handled by the Street Department with assistance from the Parks and Recreation Department. 

The Streets Department consists of three employees and a Superintendent.  

  • Ryan Flaherty Street Superintendent 
  • Matt Decker 
  • Ed Snyder 
  • Curtis Nelson

The Winterset Streets Department takes great pride in keeping streets maintained and safe for all citizens. The street system consists of approximately 77 paved lane miles within the City limits. Surfaces range from concrete, asphalt overlay and gravel. The many responsibilities of the Streets Department include the following: 

  • Maintain City roads and streets by various methods including concrete and asphalt patching, and pothole repair.  
  • Repair and replace curb, gutter, sidewalk. Also, repair potholes, manholes, storm sewers, and catch basins. 
  • Install and maintain road signs in accordance with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. 
  • Sweep streets during spring, summer, and fall months.
  • Raise and lower storm sewer castings, inspect and repair, and install storm sewer inlets, culverts, and ditches.  

Winterset Snow and Ice Control Plan

The Street Department is responsible for removing snow as well as treat/salt streets during the winter months. 

Street Sweeping Resources 

The city operates 1 three-wheel mechanical sweeper.  The day-sweeping operation concentrates on residential streets when they are typically less congested with parked cars. The business district is mainly swept in the early morning hours to avoid disruption during business hours. 

How You Can Help  

Do not rake leaves and debris into the street, not only is it a violation of city ordinance it also hampers efforts of the street sweeping operation. Parking off street whenever possible will allow sweepers to collect more debris off residential streets.    


Residents and businesses can help keep Winterset streets safe and in good repair by reporting potholes and damaged pavement.

We will quickly evaluate the area of damaged pavement and determine how to best address it. We appreciate your input and patience as we address pavement issues throughout Winterset’s street network.    Some of the factors we take into consideration when evaluating and repairing potholes include:  

  • Is the pothole creating a safety issue for drivers, cyclists, and/or pedestrians?

  • How severe is the damage to the pavement? 

  • Is the pothole deep enough to actually hold patching material? 

  • How much traffic is traveling over the damaged pavement? 

  • How do we most efficiently address this pothole given other pavement repair work that needs to be done on that street or nearby streets? 

  • Can public works crews safely access the area and make the repairs? 

  • Given weather conditions, what kind of patching material can we use to repair the pavement?  

  • Is it more appropriate to do a temporary or longer-term repair? 

The Winterset Street Department team uses multiple methods and materials to maintain and repair streets including cold patch, hot mix asphalt, mastic, crack sealing, full-depth concrete repair,  and partial depth concrete repair.  The strategy we deploy in each situation depends on the weather conditions, outside temperatures, availability of materials, and the underlying condition of the street around the damaged pavement.