Snow Ordinance

The removal of snow and ice from the public streets, public parking lots, and other public areas is an emergency operation that takes precedence over other non-emergency work for the Streets Department.  Please reference the Winterset Snow and Ice Control Plan. 

What is a Snow Ordinance?

6.810 Except as to the area within the downtown commercial (DC) zoning district, no persons shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any city street, alley, or city owned off-street parking during periods of snow or ice accumulation unless the snow or ice accumulations have been removed or plowed from the city street, alley or parking area and during any period of time when city snow removal operations upon the city streets, alleys and parking areas are in progress. In the area within the downtown commercial (DC) zoning district, no person shall park, abandon or leave unattended any vehicle on any public street, alley, or city owned off-street parking area at any time between the hours of 1 am until 5 am daily.

Any vehicle parked in violation of this Code Section shall be subject to being towed and impounded; and, their owners or drivers shall be required to pay the reasonable cost of the towing and storage prior to recovering the vehicle as provided by Section 6.806 of this Code. Simply put, to avoid the pricey fine, if snow or inclement weather is forecasted, please move your vehicles off of the street. It slows the plows down and leaves snow on your streets if the drivers have to maneuver around your parked car.

When do I need to remove snow from my sidewalk?  Where can I shovel my show?

3.601 RESPONSIBILITY OF OWNER AND TENANT. No person shall allow any snow or ice to remain upon any sidewalk adjacent to, or abutting upon, any property owned or leased by said person after twenty-four (24) hours following the snow or ice having ceased falling or accumulating thereon.

3.602 REMOVAL BY THE CITY. If any person permits snow or ice which has accumulated to remain upon sidewalks in violation of Section 3.601 above, the Street Commissioner may without notice to the owner or tenant, remove the snow or ice from said sidewalks. The Street Commissioner shall keep an accurate account of expenses incurred in removing said snow or ice and shall provide said account to the City Administrator.

3.603 COLLECTION OF COST. The City Administrator shall mail a statement of the costs incurred by the City for removing said snow or ice to the owner and, if applicable, the tenant failing to remove said snow or ice accumulation. If the amount shown by the statement has not been paid within thirty (30) days from the date of the same was mailed, the City Administrator shall certify the costs to the Madison County Auditor and the same shall be assessed against the adjacent or abutting property and collected in the same manner as a property tax."

Simply put - our Code enforcement officer drives around and checks all of the sidewalks shortly after the 24-hour time period has ended. If your sidewalk has not been cleared, she will put a notice on your door and give you an additional 24 hours to become compliant. If you are not, you will be issued a ticket.