Tree Planting Ordinance

City Ordinance to follow when planting a tree in the parking area or right-of-way:

Winterset Ordinance Number 611

Chapter 3 Street Trees

STREET TREE PLANTING STANDARDS. The following standards shall govern the planting of street trees:

  1. No tree may be planted which would cause a public danger or nuisance.
  2. No tree may be planted within three feet of a sidewalk or other impervious surface such as the curb and gutter or the street surface.
  3. No tree or shrub that will grow above 30 inches in height shall be planted on a corner lot where two street intersect for a distance of 35 feet in any direction from the point of intersection at the curb line.
  4. No tree shall be planted within 15 lateral feet of an overhead utility line, within 3 feet of any buried utility line, within 10 feet of a fire hydrant, within 5 feet of a driveway and 25 feet of a traffic control sign.
  5. No tree shall be planted if the tree species is not included on the list of permitted tree species developed by the Winterset Tree Commission.
  6. No tree shall be planted without first calling Iowa One Call and complying with the procedures for locating underground utilities.

In cases of damage to utility lines, any street tree planted in the right-of-way may be trimmed or removed in order to repair the utility line.