Cedar Lake Nature Trail

The Nature trail is approximately 3.2 miles of uneven surfaces with varying elevation as shown in the picture below. The nature trail is open year round and can be a great area to snow shoe during the winter months.  However, during the winter, you will not be able to travel all the way around Cedar Lake, as our water crossing raft is inoperable when the lake is frozen.

Nature Trail Rules

  • Open 7:oo AM to 10:00 PM
  • Water Crossing (Raft) may not be accessible during times of low water level or frozen water
  • Permitted uses: Hiking, Walking, Jogging, Bird Watching, and other forms of passive recreation
  • Dogs must remain on leash at all times
  • Fishing is allowed (No ice Fishing)
  • Do not enter spillway
  • No Bicycles, including E - Bikes
  • No Scooters
  • No ATV's or Dirt Bikes
  • No Hunting or Trapping
  • No Horseback Riding
  • No removing of disturbing animals/plants
  • No camping
  • No cutting of wood
  • Fires in fire rings only
  • Carry in/Carry trash out (Leave No Trace)
  • Stay on Trails

Water Crossing (Raft) Rules

  • Maximum weight capacity is 1,200 lbs
  • Do NOT attempt to cross creek if water is low or frozen
  • Leave raft free - floating, do NOT pull onshore
  • Use cable to pull raft as close to creek bank as possible
  • Load riders one at a time while holding cable to keep raft tight against the bank
  • Once all riders are loaded, pull cable to move raft to opposite bank
  • Once raft is as close to opposite bank as possible, disembark from raft while holding onto cable to keep raft tight against bank
  • Riders must stay on raft at all times

Cedar Lake is a drinking water supply, please help us protect it

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