Winterset Airport Authority

The Winterset Airport Authority (WAA) was established by Iowa Code Chapter 330A.  By code, our primary duty is to develop, maintain, and promote WAA property and facilities.  In addition, WAA also oversees day-to-day airport operations.

Such powers are granted to the WAA per the Winterset Municipal Code Section 1.801

Each Board Member shall serve a term of four (4 ) years.   The Winterset Airport Authority shall consist of five (5) members of which three (3) must reside within the corporate city limits and may have two (2) members who reside outside the corporate city limits but within Madison County.  

Board Members

Name Term Ending Date
David LaGrange 12-01-2026
Debra Black (Interum) 12-01-2024
Jerold Clyde 12-01-2024
Laura Luckinbill 12-01-2026
Tom Lenners 12-01-2026